One to One Personal Training

Our one to one Programs allow us to customise your personal training experience to optimise your results. We have designed plans to successfully help people lose weight and maintain it, build muscle mass for their specific sports, bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions as well as improve the overall fitness and performance of everyday mum and dads wanting to get back into shape. 

We have successfully designed programs for people that are looking to get into Powerlifting or Bodybuilding as well as sport specific rugby and Australian Rules programs. 


Are you injured, David is also a Qualified Remedial Massage Therapist. David will discuss with your doctors and physiotherapist the best treatment plan to get you back to health and then design plans to prevent the injury from reoccurring.


Small Group Personal Training

Whether you’re new to exercise or a seasoned gym goer, we will have designed programs that will suit you. Currently we are successfully running two progams dedicated to help you reach your optimal performance.


Launched successfully at the end of 2017, the DC Fitness and Remedial Therapy Stronggirls is a female specific program designed to challenge you to reach a new level with your fitness, introduce you to how to include a weights program into your routine so that you can build a strong lean fat burning machine. 

We limit our group size to 4 girls so that we can provide you with the personal training experience, we also encourage you to engage with others in the group to help keep each other motivated. 

Alpha Program

Our male specific program, run by our head trainer David who is passionate about lifitng. This program will not only get you strong but it will also take your fitness levels to a new level and alow you to be the alpha male amongst your family and friends. 

Group sizes are limited to 4 per session so that we can provide you with the coaching you need to perform at you best.